Best Dog Crates For Australian Shepherds (Perfect Size & Budget Friendly)

Australian shepherds are loving, affectionate, intelligent, and friendly. Different characteristics of Aussies make it one of the best dog breeds for dog owners. If you are planning to own a new dog, you may consider getting an Aussie dog. This breed is so beautiful and it comes in a variety of color combinations.

The price of a particular Aussie color combination will be based on availability. The demand and availability of different color combinations are different. Aussies come in color variations such as merle, red merle, black, red tricolor, black tricolor, blue merle, and red. After adopting an Aussie dog, the important thing is buying various stuff. In order to keep your dog stay happy, it is very important to get all the essential accessories and items for him.

For a new dog owner, it can be confusing to understand what things will be essential. Some of the important items you need to buy after adopting an Australian shepherd dog are food, leash, crate, toys, etc. In this post, we will talk about crates for Aussies.

Australian Shepherd Dog Crate Buying Guide

You will find so many manufacturers for dog crates. With so many dog crates from different brands, it can be a bit confusing to select the right one for your Aussie dog. In order to find the best one, there are certain things you need to take into account while buying a dog crate for your Aussie dog. Here are those factors to take into account:

1. Materials

A dog crate could be made up of plastic, wood, steel, metal wire, or aluminum. So, the first important thing to consider while buying a crate for an Aussie dog is materials. Now, let’s understand different types of dog crates:

Soft dog crate

Based on your preferences, you may buy a soft dog crate. The good thing about soft dog crates is they are lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, if you are planning a trip with your Aussie, a soft dog crate can be helpful.

Plastic dog crate

Plastic dog crates are also lightweight and easy to carry. This kind of dog crates is good for traveling. If you want to travel with your dog, it is a good idea to get an airline approved plastic crate.

Wooden dog crate

Wooden dog crates are like furniture. They are heavy, hence they are not ideal for outdoor. If you don’t want the crate to be portable, this is for you.

Steel dog crate

Heavy-duty steel dog crates are made up of sturdy and thick steel material than metal wire crates. This kind of crate is the best for heavy chewer dogs.

Metal wire crate

A metal wire crate is the most popular type of crates. They have good strength and they are also foldable.

2. Size

Size is another crucial factor to take into account while buying a new crate for your Aussie dog. Picking the wrong size crate for your dog will lead to troubles. Aussies range in size, they normally can be medium to large size.

The average weight of an Aussie could be 65lbs and its size can be up to 24 inches to the shoulder. Make sure to consider your dog’s weight, height, and length and then buy the right dog crate. Based on the dog crate you select, manufacturers do provide details on the size selection. You need to get a dog crate that has a minimum of 2 to 4 inches of space available each way. This way, your dog will get comfortable experience inside the crate.

3. Safety

The next important factor is the safety of your dog. After finding the dog crate of perfect size and materials, if it is not safe, then don’t buy it. The reason why you want to buy a crate is to protect your dog when you are out or not around him.

In this case, if you get a dog crate that is not safe enough, there will be a problem. By getting a good quality dog crate, you are making sure that your Australian shepherd is safe from dangerous situations when you are not around him.

4. Budget

Some people are very conscious of this factor. Before getting a dog crate, you need to be clear about your budget. As dog crates come in different sizes, materials, and features, the pricing will vary depending on the crate you select.

The pricing will mainly differ based on the crate material you want to buy. Talking about plastic crates, they are of a bit reasonable price. On the flip side, dog crates made with heavy-duty metal are very expensive.

5. Durability

Durability is also a crucial factor to consider while getting a new dog crate. The dog crate you have purchased must be durable enough to last longer. For dog breeds like Australian shepherds, wire crates are the best.

Due to the high energy level and somewhat destructive nature of Aussies, getting a durable wire crate is a great idea. Many dog owners also buy a large crate for their Australian shepherd puppy so that the puppy gets enough space and comfortable experience inside the crate.

Best Crates For Australian Shepherds

To buy the best dog crate for the Australian Shepherd breed, there are various factors to keep in mind. It includes factors such as crate size, material, safety, etc. Let’s take a look at the best dog crates for Australian shepherds:

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dogs Crate

Looking for a durable and strong dog crate for your Australian shepherd? Then, this crate by MidWest Homes for Pets is the best. To provide you the easy access, this crate comes with double doors. This large crate is ideal for Aussies with a weight of 71 to 90 pounds.

The portable design of this crate makes it perfect for traveling. This crate features roller feet. It means it will help to protect your floors from scrapes.

The large space inside the crate provides enough space for your Aussie. Due to enough space, your dog will feel comfortable inside the crate. When you are going out for some work, it is a good idea to put your Aussie inside this crate. This way, he will not create a mess at your home when you are away.

The good thing is this crate is really easy to assemble. You don’t need to go through any complex procedure during the assembly.


  • Portable design
  • Aussie weighing 71 to 90 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two doors for easy access
  • Comfortable spacing

2. AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This is another durable and sturdy dog crate. This dog crate by AmazonBasics is made up of metal material. Just MidWest Homes for Pet Dogs Crate, this dog crate also features double door design. The reason for double design is to help you get easy access.

To ensure the security, there are two side-bolt latches on each door. This makes sure that your dog will be safe and secure when you are out or away.

Even though this dog crate is made up of strong & sturdy metal construction, folding it is very easy. So, it allows you to store it wherever you want. Apart from this, if you want to carry this crate at another place, you just need to simply fold it and then carry.

Due to sturdiness and high space available, this crate is ideal for medium to large breeds like Australian shepherds, Boxers, German Shepherds, etc. This dog crate is ideal for Aussies with a weight of 76 to 90lbs.


  • Strong metal construction
  • Double doors for easy access
  • Two side-bolt latches on each door
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transport
  • Easy to set up

3. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

This is another best dog crate for Australian shepherd breed. The dog crate comes with single door and it is perfect for large Australian shepherds with 71 to 90 pounds of weight.

This dog crate will provide a great and comfortable experience for your dog. If your Aussie is barking or chewing excessively, this dog crate can help to reduce such destructive and negative behaviors. By putting your dog inside the crate, you are helping your dog to get a place where he can feel secure.

The crate is made with durable wire construction. The side bolt latches on the crate allow your dog to get a secure environment inside. Apart from this, it also provides proper ventilation and visibility.

Though it is strong and sturdy, still it will get folded and assembled easily. For assembling, you will not require any special tools. And, if you want to store or transport it, it folds down very quickly.


  • Durable wire construction
  • Side bolt latches
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has durable plastic pan

4. MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This is another dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets. To provide easy access, this crate comes with two doors. You will notice that this crate has rounded corners, no sharp corners. It designed in such a manner to provide safety.

There are secure slide-bolt latches on both doors of the crates. So, whenever you are out or away, these latches will ensure the security of your Australian shepherd.

Another good thing about this dog crate is it is really easy to assemble as well to disassemble. You will not require any tools or equipment for assembly or disassembly. Apart from this, you can even fold this crate and store or transport it without hassle.

The pan stop of the crate is made with quality plastic material. The pan stop of this dog crate is easy to remove and easy to clean.


  • Double doors for easy access
  • Easy to fold and to carry
  • Rounded corners for the security
  • The pan stop is easy to remove and clean
  • Two secure side-bolt latches on each door

5. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

If you are looking for a heavy and strong dog crate, then this one by ProSelect is for you. Unlike other dog crates we have seen in the list, this one is the strongest. ProSelect has designed this empire dog cage, especially for large dog breeds.

With the strong and durable construction, your large dog won’t be able to destroy and escape from it. Talking about the interior dimensions of this cage, they are 35.75 inches x 23.5 inches with 24.5 inches of height.

The overall construction is done with tough and thickest steel. There are two strong latches on the door of this cage. These sturdy latches will keep your dog safe and secure when you are out or when you are not around the dog.

It also comes with floor grate with tray. The reason is simple, to make the cleaning task super easy. The dirt created by your dog will go directly into the large tray. Apart from this, you will also get removable casters. These casters allow us to change the locations, without any hassle.


  • Thickest steel construction
  • Designed for large dogs
  • Removable casters
  • Floor grate with tray for easy cleaning
  • Strong and sturdy latches attached

6. Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

After ProSelect Empire dog cage, this is another heavy duty dog crate by Smonter. If you are finding a strong and high-quality material dog crate, this one is for you. This dog crate is made with quality stainless steel and thickened steel pipe materials.

If your Australian shepherd dog is new and tries to escape your house, it is very important that you get him a strong & sturdy house. By not focusing on the sturdiness of the house, you are putting the safety of your dog at risk.

Another good thing about this dog crate is it comes with the double door design. The door on the top of the crate allows you to have better interaction with your Australian shepherd. Apart from this, the crate comes with proper ventilation and visibility, so that your dog can have comfortable experience inside the crate.

For some people, the portability of crate is very important. If you are also one of those people, this crate is for you. The crate has rubber universal wheels that allow to easily move the crate from one location to another. To ensure the security of your Australian shepherd, it comes with stainless steel anti-corrosion lock.


  • Stainless steel thickened steel pipe materials
  • Rubber universal wheels
  • Double door
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion lock
  • Escape proof design

7. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This one is another strong and sturdy dog cage on our list. If you are looking for a strong, heavy-duty crate for your Australian shepherd, this one is also a good option. The dog crate is designed in such a manner to ensure the safety and security of the dog.

The good thing is this crate is rust and corrosion-free. It means you can use this crate for long period, without worrying about getting rusted. Talking about safety aspects, this crate comes with two locks with safety buckles. The cage has strong & bold pipes, that cannot be easily damaged. This ensures the safety and security of your dog. Due to strong safety buckles, your dog won’t be able to open the door and escape it.

In dog crates by ProSelect and Smonter, we have seen they come with the dual door design. However, this crate by Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny comes with a single door design. The wheels of the crate are lockable. It comes with 360-degree rotated locking casters so that you can easily move the crate and also control it.

Even though the crate is strong and sturdy, assembling is really easy. You will not require any separate tools or equipment for assembling this crate. All the hardware will be included. Another great thing about this crate is it is easy to clean. There’s a removable tray included just below the floor. This helps to clean without hassle.


  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Rust & corrosion-free design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Locking caster design
  • Double latches design for better safety

8. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Finding the best dog crate for your little Australian shepherd puppy? EliteField three-door folding soft dog crate is the best choice. You can’t put your puppy or little dog in the dog crates like Smonter heavy duty dog crate or Haige pet your pet nanny heavy duty dog crate. The heavy-duty dog crates we have seen above are suitable for medium to large Australian shepherd dogs.

Elitefield’s soft dog crate is designed in such a manner to help your puppy get comfortable experience inside it. It comes fully assembled. You won’t require any tools or equipment for setting it up or for assembling.

The frame of the dog crate is made with a strong steel tube and its cover is made with high quality durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric. It will also provide good ventilation and visibility to your puppy. This lightweight, a soft dog crate is portable, it is so easy to move.

To provide your Aussie puppy proper sunlight and breathability, this soft dog crate comes with three mesh doors. The door on the front, on the top, and on the side. You can also carry this lightweight puppy crate with you when you go out. To ensure the safety of your puppy, the crate features zipper-lock protection.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Three mesh doors
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Zipper lock for protection
  • Removable & washable cover & bed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on dog crates:

1. Why do I need a dog crate?

For a new dog owner, getting this question in mind is obvious. Some owners think why they require a dog crate as they want their dog to roam freely inside the house. A dog crate isn’t just for big dogs. No matter whether you own a small, medium, or large dog, getting a dog crate is very important. This is one of the most important items. Through a dog crate, you can provide training to your dog, give him a safe place, guarantee the security of your dog, avoid escaping, etc.

2. How long can I leave my dog inside the crate?

One important thing you need to keep in mind is you must not leave your dog inside the crate all day long, especially friendly dog breeds like Australian shepherds. Australian shepherds have high energy levels and they are happy when they have something to do. When you leave your Aussie alone all day long in the crate, the chances are he will build negative behavior like chewing excessively, barking too much, etc. The maximum length your dog can stay in the crate: 8-10 weeks 30-60 minutes, 11-14 weeks 1-3 hours, 15-16 weeks 3-4 hours, 17+ weeks 4-5 hours.

3. How much room should a dog have in a crate?

Sizing is one of the important factors to take into account while buying a new dog crate. The selection of crate sizing is totally based on the size of your dog. In order to make your dog feel comfortable inside the crate, it is very important that you buy a crate with enough space. Make sure to get a dog crate which allows your dog to easily stand up, lie down, and turn around. Also, avoid buying a crate with too much space.

Final Thoughts

A dog crate is one of the essential items you need to buy for your Australian shepherd dog. This item can benefit in different ways. Some of the main reasons why you need to get a crate for your Aussie are to provide training to your dog, provide him a safe place, guarantee the security of your dog, avoid escaping, etc.

For a new Aussie owner, it can be confusing to select the right dog crate. To help you find the best dog crate for your Australian shepherd, here we have shared the detailed buying guide.


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