What Is The Cost Of An Australian Shepherd? (Why Price Varies)

Cost is one of the important factors to keep in mind before getting any dog breed. Not just cost, you need to also consider average costs related to grooming and maintenance, after adopting the dog. Depending on the dog breed you choose, the price will differ. The cost also differs based on the breeder you have selected. Based on the dog breed, the average cost of purchasing a puppy could range somewhere between $300 and $1500.

So what is the average cost of buying an Australian Shepherd? 

When it comes to Australian Shepherd, the cost is based on various factors such as coat colors, breeder reputation, pedigree, location, etc. The average price of an Australian Shepherd dog breed could range from $650 to $850. Some Aussies are priced higher than the average, mainly due to their coat colors. So the cost of an Australian Shepherd could range somewhere between $300 to $1800+

Aussies come in different coat colors. Mainly, they are priced based on their coat colors. Breeders charge higher amounts for rare and high-demand coat colors. Though the personality and behavior of all Aussies with different coat color variations are the same, still some Aussies cost low, while some cost comparatively high.

Price Factors of Australian Shepherds

So if you are planning to buy and adopt an Australian shepherd dog breed, note that there are so many factors affect the price. There can be many other price factors, but here we have discussed about the major pricing factors.

Knowing and understanding all these factors will give you an idea about why you will get some Aussie puppies for around $300 to $350, while for some Aussie puppies, you may have to pay more than $1800. Here are different factors that affect the cost of Australian shepherd:

1. Breeder Reputation

One of the major factors comes is the breeder reputation. Breeders charge the price for dogs depending on their reputation. When it comes to buying an Australian shepherd, there are so many causal dog breeders, and very few are professional breeders. It is always advisable to go with a professional dog breeder, as the professional breeder will have more knowledge.

Choosing the right breeder is when important when it comes to getting a new dog. One of the best ways to check out whether your selected breeder is reputable or not is through the internet. Through the internet, you are just one search away to know in detail about the breeder. By searching on the internet about your selected breeder, you will find all the reviews and experiences the breeder’s past customers have shared. Most of the reputable breeders are part of AKC. But, just because your breeder is not the part of AKC, it doesn’t mean it is not reputable.

So breeder reputation is one of the main reasons why you will find some breeders will charge low prices, while some will charge you very high. If your budget allows, it is always advisable to go with a professional and reputable breeder. Many reputable dog breeders take advantage of their reputation and charge a high price for certain Aussie colors. Picking a good breeder impact the health and well-being of the puppy. Professional and reputable breeders properly take care of the puppy in its initial stage of life.

2. Aussie Color Variations

If we talk about the price of Australian shepherds, this becomes the major factor. After the breeder reputation, the next price factor of Aussie dog is its color variations. Aussies come in various colors and combinations. Breeders do charge different prices for different Aussie colors. Though the personality of different colored Aussies is the same, they do charge different prices depending on the demand and supply of different color Aussies.

There are so many Australian shepherd color variations. The main colors are black, blue merle, red, and red merle. These four main coat colors come with different color combinations. Depending on your color combination requirement and availability of color from the breeder, the price will differ. For example, some tricolored Aussies are rare and obviously, breeders will charge a high amount for such rare dog color combinations.

3. Location

Location is also the factor that impacts the price of an Aussie dog. The use of the internet allows us to see the price of the dog in different locations of the country. Some regions or locations in the country are in high demand for the Australian shepherds. In such areas, you will have to pay the higher prices for the dog. What some people do is they fly over to the different part of the country to buy the Aussie dog at a cheaper price.

No matter whether you buy the Australian shepherd from your location or fly over to the other part of the country, you should always choose a good dog breeder and physically visit the place. We have discussed above the reasons why it is advisable to choose a reputable dog breeder.

4. Pedigree

Pedigree is another factor that impacts the price of an Australian shepherd greatly. Now, what actually does pedigree mean? In simple terms, pedigree is the family history of the puppy with more detailed information.

One of the reasons why most dog breeders charge high prices is due to the dog’s pedigree. The dog’s pedigree gives you an idea about a particular skill of the dog. It also gives you detailed information about some health factors.

So here we have seen the four main factors that affect the Australian shepherd price. This is the reason why some breeders charge as little as $300 for an Aussie puppy, while some breeders charge as high as $1800 for an Aussie puppy. It is essential to know these factors before getting a dog. Knowing these factors will help you understand the reasons why the breeder is selling an Aussie dog at a particular rate.

Australian Shepherd Colors (Main Price Factor)

The main factor which affects the price of an Australian shepherd is coat color. Aussies come in variety of coat colors. Though the personality of all different coat color Aussies is the same, breeders do charge differently for different colors. The reason behind this is the demand factor. Some breeds are in high demand, but their availability is less, so breeders do their business out of it.

The main coat colors of Australian shepherds are black, blue merle, red, and red merle. These are the main color groups. Aussies have different variations from these four color groups. Here are all the color variations of Aussies:

  • Black Tri Aussies
  • Black & White Aussies
  • Black & Tan Aussies
  • Solid Black Aussies
  • Blue Merle Tri-Color Aussies
  • Blue Merle & White Aussies
  • Blue Merle & Tan Aussies
  • Solid Blue Merle Aussies
  • Red Tri Aussies
  • Red & White Aussies
  • Solid Red Aussies
  • Red Merle Tri Aussies
  • Red Merle & White Aussies
  • Solid Red Merle Aussies

These are the main color variations of Aussies. Each of these variations has beautiful appearance and color combinations. The demand and availability for each of the above listed Australian shepherd variations differ. Based on the demand & availability, breeders charge.

If a particular colored Aussie is standard and not in high demand, you can expect its price to be around $600 to $800. For rare and high-demand color combinations, the breeder may overcharge, sometimes more than $1800.

What Actual Owners Are Paying For Australian Shepherds (Testimonials)

We curated the information below from different Dog forums and Australian Shepherd Websites.

The only information changed is where spelling or grammar had to be corrected. Other then that the answers remain the same.

Real Owner Cost Testimonials

1. Cpersall “$1,000-$2,000” – A well bred aussie (meaning health clearances, registered with ASCA, breeding is part of local aussie clubs and proves that their dogs are good examples of the breed with various titles) in North America is going to be on average $1000-2000, depending a bit on lines and exact area.

Its not that aussies can be sold for much more, its more likely that this breeder was not doing what a reputable breeder should be doing and so the dogs would not be worth as much because less went into their breeding. I know breeders in your state and they charge what I mentioned above.

I payed $1000 for each of mine, but I’m not in the US.

2. NeuropeptideY “$1,000-$2,000” – Breeders doing the all of the recommended health clearances, which is much much more than a single vet visit, are going to charge more for a puppy because it costs more to raise the puppy. There is also a considerable amount of money that goes in to showing or competing with the parents and registering them (and the litter) with ASCA and the AKC (or CKC in Canada). Moreover, setting up appropriate areas to raise the puppies in and a properly socialized litter of puppies is a huge time commitment.

It’s not that charging so little in and of itself indicates poor breeding, but it is a huge red flag and would make me seriously consider how much they put in to these puppies. At the same time, I would also question people who charge outrageously high amounts for their puppies (like $5000-$10,000).

But to answer your question… Well bred puppies go from about $1000 to $2000 on average, but I have seen as high as $2500 in show lines. I paid $1500 for my puppy.

3. 420thrwawayy “$1,500-$800” – Mine was $1600. The prices I’ve seen are about $1500-$1800 where I am in California. I don’t think this is too much considering how much more people pay for other breeds. I also only look for the reputable breeders that show their dogs.

Prices will sometimes be cheaper for breeders who just breed their dogs and don’t show/compete. But then I would also question the quality of the dog.

4. Tiny_Guppy “$1,200” – In SoCal (Southern California) the breeders I’ve been researching normally have them for around $1200

5. Wooden_Masterpiece “$900” – I got my Aussies in Central California for $900 from a performance line. I signed a spay agreement if I didn’t spay her it would have been an extra $2000.

6. Schleppenheimer “$600” – I’m in the DC area, and paid $600 for ours. Didn’t see where he was bred, it was more convenient to meet the breeder at a location and make the swap. (not advised … will never do this again) I adore my dog, but it is not standard aussie size — it is 3 years old this week and 90 lbs. Looks like a purebred, but isn’t necessarily sized like one. I live in a neighborhood where everybody’s else’s aussie (and I’m guessing there are maybe six?) cost between $1200 to $2500. They look it, too. There is a big difference between our aussie and theirs. They have better innate temperaments, just seem more calm … and they have beautiful coats. I love our boy, but he has been quite the handful up until recently.

7. Suttisi “$500” – Mine was 400… but he sold the rest for 500. That was several (she’s eight as of last week) years ago and in a small rural area in Canada. He sells pups for 800 now.

8. 13FDC “$900” – We are in DC area but got ours from middle of nowhere PA for about $900. They had had several vet visits, initial shots, and microchip.


As you can see just from this data we also ventured out and took down notes from many other sites. Overall the numbers spoke for themselves. If you are willing to travel you can definitely find an Aussie for under $1k, but is it worth it. We drove quite a ways for our Toy Aussie and had the breeder meet us about halfway. The reason we did is because nobody was selling them in our area when we lived in upstate New York. Then we wanted to get another one when we moved to Virginia and loved the breeder so we drove again over to meet here over in Whitfield, Indiana.

So make sure if you think you are going to get more then one if you want to travel that far again or some do ship. I never liked the thought of that though. A closer breeder that is reputable is in our opinion worth the cost so if you have any complications (hopefully none) or want to get another one they are right there.

Percentages Of Who Paid How Much:

62% = Paid between $1,000-$2,000

28% = Paid between $500-$999

9% = Paid $499 or less

Are Aussie Dogs Good Pets?

Before adopting any dog, it is very important to understand that dog breed personality. The personality traits of the dog breed provide a great idea about what you can expect from the dog after adopting it. Adopting a dog without knowing and understanding its personality could create a problem for both, the owner and for the dog.

Talking about Aussies, they are fun-loving, affectionate, and friendly. The good thing about Aussie dog breed is it is affectionate toward everyone, families, kids, other pets, etc. This is what makes them perfect breeds for families.

Here are certain things that make Aussie dogs good pets:

1. Friendly nature

Aussies are friendly and loving. If you are a family person, adopting this dog breed can be a good idea. However, note that the personality will differ from one Australian shepherd dog to another. Some Aussies are outgoing and friendly, while others are shy. But, most Aussie dogs love the companionship of humans. They love to play with families, kids, and other dogs.

If you have a younger kid, then Aussie might not be for you. The reason is the instinctive needs of Aussies. Aussies have high energy and high prey drive. They may chase when they see small animals or a kid running. And, if you have an older kid, it is great to provide socialization and training to both, your kid as well as your Australian shepherd.

2. Intelligence

The personality will differ from one Aussie dog to another, but the trait will remain the same in all the Aussie dogs is intelligence. Australian shepherds are highly intelligent and smart. Due to their high intelligence level, the training process gets easier. Providing different important training to the Aussie dog would be easy.

Training plays crucial no matter which dog breed you adopt. Providing proper training allows living without hassle with the adopted dog breed. Aussies follow all the training commands and training them can be easier when you provide them a tiny treat after they consistently follow your instructions.

3. Energy

Aussies are high energy level dogs. They don’t like to be lazy and they don’t like sitting doing nothing for long hours. They love to be busy, they are always ready to do something to keep them busy and optimally use their energy. So if you are someone who is finding an energetic dog breed and ready to play for long hours daily, then Aussie is for you.

Before adopting an Australian shepherd dog breed, note that this breed has a high energy level. Not helping an Aussie to burn off its energy through game and exercise may lead to negative and destructive behavior. So getting an energetic dog is not good for everyone. Adopting an energetic dog like an Australian shepherd breed is for people who have enough time throughout their day to spend with their dogs.

4. Protective

Another great thing about Australian shepherds is their loyalty and protectiveness. The breed is very protective and loyal toward its family and its people. If some stranger will approach you, this breed will let you know. Don’t worry, mostly they don’t get aggressive toward strangers. With proper socialization, they can be friendly toward strangers as well. The personality of each individual dog is different, so the breed’s behavior toward strangers could differ from one Australian shepherd to another.

5. Easy to train

As Aussies are highly intelligent and smart, training them becomes really easy. Training is one of the crucial factors people check in a dog breed, before adopting. The breed is highly competitive in obedience, agility, utility, and other training. Providing different training to your Aussie dog will help you live with the dog without hassle.

These are the reasons why the Australian shepherd is a good pet. So if you are looking for a family-friendly, energetic, intelligent, and trainable dog, consider adopting Aussie dog.

Can An Australian Shepherd Be Shaved?

Different dog breeds come with different coat types. Whether you should shave a dog or not is based on the coat type of the dog. The dog may be of a single coat or a double coat. The main reason why people consider shaving their Aussie dogs is due to a high level of shedding. Australian shepherds have double coats and shaving a double coat breeds does not reduce the shedding level.

Due to the high shedding level, this dog breed is not ideal for allergic people. If you are allergic to shedding, then you have to consider getting any low-shedding dog breed.

A dog may be shredded if it has a single coat. Shaving double coat dogs breed like Australian shepherds won’t create just coating issues, but it may also lead to other issues in your dog.

Shaving an Australian shepherd would destroy its coats and lead to issues like sunburn, skin cancer, etc. So if you are an allergic person, you have two options available. Either to get any low-shedding dog breed or minimize the shedding level of your Aussie dog. For highly allergic people, it is advisable to get any low-shedding dog breed as dealing with the shedding of Aussie would be difficult for them.

If you already have an Australian shepherd dog and thinking about shaving it, here are certain points you need to keep in mind:

1. Shaving will not reduce shedding

The main reason why people consider shaving their Aussie dog is to reduce the shedding level. The important thing to note is shaving a double coat dog breed like Aussie, will not reduce shedding level. In fact, it may lead to other serious issues. Hence, if you are allergic toward shedding or can’t handle high shedding of the Aussie dog, you should adopt any low-shedding dog.

2. Shaving changes the coat texture

Another problem with shaving a double coat dog like an Australian shepherd is it changes the coat texture. Different Aussie color variations have beautiful coat textures and colors. By shaving, you are damaging and changing the coat texture of your dog. With the change in coat texture, your dog will feel hotter during the summer.

3. Shaving will not help in summer

Shaving a double coat dog means you are damaging the dog’s coats completely. Due to the damage and changes in the dog’s coat, your dog will be hot in the summer. Many dog owners consider shaving their dog, especially in the summers to help their dogs with the summer. In reality, by shaving, you will actually make them hotter.

4. Other issues

Though your intention for shaving your Aussie is good, doing so may lead to so many problems. By shaving off your Aussie dog completely, you may have to deal with other issues as well like skin cancer, overheat, and clipper alopecia.

So these are the reasons why you must avoid shaving your Aussie dog. If you are pissed off with the dog’s shedding, you can deal with it in different ways like providing quality food, brushing regularly, regular shampoo, etc.

Final Thoughts

Price is one of the factors to consider before adopting any dog breed. The price of a dog does not just vary from one dog breed to another, but it also varies from one breed’s color variations to another. Aussies come in so many beautiful and attractive color variations. Depending on the coat color and variation you choose, you are being charged from the breeder.

You can get an Aussie dog from a breeder for as low as $300. If you are serious about the breeder’s reputation and the pedigree, the cost gets high. In short, the Australian shepherd dog may cost somewhere between $300 to more than $1800.


Tab Winner

Hello my name is Tab Winner. My wife and I have been around Australian shepherds for 20+ years and we definitely love them. We currently have a pair of Toy Aussies one is a Tri-color and the other is a blue merle that are both 10 and 11 years old.

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